Quality Policy

In order the name of AIFANTIS Group to be identified with the supply of safe products of high and stable quality, as well as prime quality service – with ulterior purpose the distinction of the company in the meat sector, securing, at the same time, the profit in a particularly competitive environment, the policy of our company consists of the following principles:

  1. Pioneering enterprise function (animal production and breeding, slaughter, processing, standardization and trading of fresh and frozen meat products, poultry and rabbit meat).
  2. Constant innovation, regarding the image of our company in the market from the way our products are presented and packaged to our behavior to our customers, the development of new products, the internal procedures , in order for us to maintain a constant distance and diversification towards competition.
  3. Relationship between high quality products and services at an attractive cost.
  4. Coverage of our customers’ needs.
  5. Correct conduct towards the customer.
  6. Correct professional and human relationships among employees and partners of AIFANTIS Group in order for a professional and pleasant working environment to be achieved.
  7. Incessant development not only of the production process but also of the internal procedures in our company from the delivery and processing of our products to their distribution to our customers.
  8. Commitment for the fulfillment of the internal procedures of our company as they are recorded in the Quality System according to EN ISO 9001:2008 and in the Food Safety Management System according to EN ISO 22000:2005 (HACCP) , as well as the finding of the sources necessary for the continual verifying, maintenance and update of the systems.
  9. Commitment for the fulfillment of the related legislation.

The above principles can be achieved through the following:
1. The measurement of products’ quality and safety index, and enactment of higher objectives.
2. The selection and evaluation of suppliers and partners, based on high specifications.
3. The constant training of all employees and partners, and the systematic dissemination of information.
4. The regular meetings within the company aiming at better communication (internal and external) for exchange of information and experiences, as well as solution of problems.
5. The constant investigation of our customers’ satisfaction and the effort to catch and cover the needs of the market.
6. The constant taking of corrective actions, considering customers’ complaints, failures and any problem or weakness of our company as opportunities for our progress.
7. The continuous monitoring of the legislation. GEORGE AIFANTIS SIGNATURE


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