The Company

Aifantis - since 1978! Meats of Plant Breeding.

The history of AIFANTIS Company begins in 1978, in a mountainous village in Aitoloakarnania, Malesiada Valtou, where Apostolos and Vasiliki Aifantis began breeding a limited, at first, number of pigs. The meat was traded in a small family-run taverna, which expanded in a butcher’s shop, providing the local market with pork meat.

In the course of time, the company developed its activity in the trading of pork and beef meat.

The rapid development of AIFANTIS Company has taken place in the last fifteen years with the participation of the second generation in the management of the company.

Today, AIFANTIS Company is a modern, vertically integrated meat production and procession unit. The company has its own animal husbandry farms, a modern meat processing plant, retail shops and privately-owned refrigerator trucks.

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