Production Factory

The activities of AIFANTIS Company take place in a new, modern, privately-owned plant in the area Gefyra Aheloou, Municipality of Agrinio, Aitoloakarnania.

  • ΕΡΓΟΣΤΑΣΙΟ ΑΥΦΑΝΤΗΣThe plant is 3.500 square meters in area, built in a 20.000 square meters field.
  • The facilities, the machinery and the related infrastructure have been designed according to strict hygienic standards.
  • There are three lines of procession and standardization of pork, chicken and beef meat with the capacity of ten tons per day. There is, also, a production unit of heat treated meat products and a meat based products unit of a six tons capacity.
  • The AIFANTIS Company applies Food Quality and Safety Management Systems and it is certified according to the standards EN ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 22000:2005 (HACCP).


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