Our Philosophy

We firmly believe that:

social sensitivity, care about the other people and their health, along with the preservation of the environment we live, co-exist in the long term with the economic growth and robustness of our company.

Based on the above principles, we would like to underline that:

  • We are a purely family-run business that owes a great part of its growth to its people.
  • We constantly invest on the development of new products and innovative applications.
  • We protect the environment utilizing cutting-edge technology.
  • We cultivate, in every way, the mutual trust between company and employees.
  • We pursue the dialogue with our employees, customers and suppliers on the basis of sincerity, honesty and mutual respect.
  • We do not fear failure. On the contrary, we learn from our mistakes.

George Aifantis

Managing Director

Aifantis - since 1978! Meats of natural grasslands. Fine Yes, Expensive Not!

Aifantis Group produces fine meats, meat products, cold cuts and sausages of superior quality.

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